Propaganda Pageant This

I’m moving away from posting politics. Seems a good idea considering; politics are no more. Just one authoritarian tribe doing battle with another draconian tribe with mass culture the theater of operation. And to the victors go the spoils of our current civil refinement like Facebook, trigger warnings, Fox News, and safe spaces. No thanks.

Such crusade like belligerence for so paltry a recompense is not a worthy cross to bear, and no doubt I seek a redoubt, which begs one to marshall a calculated and strategic retreat.

But that is not what this post is about. But it might be about this poem.

Propaganda Pageant

As the Minister of Misinformation
I will crown a “Miss Misinformation”
after I lay and lie with most of
the contestants under-
consideration to be considered
“Miss Misinformation”
and select a new
“Miss Misinformation”
daily if I come to
understand that
I have been previously
so misinformed.

Recently I read Ben Lerner’s, The Hatred Of Poetry. I enjoyed it. He suggested that many find poetry more to their liking when formatted horizontally and with slashes. (I sure there is a technical name for this technique, but I can’t recall it.)

Anyway, I agreed with his observation but admit it’s a tricky proposition.

Propaganda Pageant

As the Minister of Misinformation/ I will crown a “Miss Misinformation”/ after I lay and lie/ with most of the contestants under-consideration/ to be considered “Miss Misinformation”/and select a new “Miss Misinformation” daily/ if I come to understand/ that I have been previously/ so misinformed.

And by the by, I’m re-reading Lewis’s The Big Short, after re-watching Margot Robbie in the movie adaptation, bubble bathing an explanation concerning the in’s and out’s of Credit Default Swaps, or was it CDO’s, I was a bit distracted.

But that’s not the point of this post either.

The point is a paraphrase of a quote on a black blank screen that starts the film. It was overheard in a bar in Washington D.C.

“Truth is like poetry and the American people hate f*cking poetry.”


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