One And Those Not Done

4 NaPoWriMo
April 12 2016


I’m sorry,
but the Prairie is boring,
And all that
forever flat
the least of a wind
just you…
to whisper and
whine an
eternal loop,
into your here
and gone


Those not making the cut or given up on. NaPoWriMo: 2016

The Super-Delegate delegated to the cheaps seats worked the crowd given. Always all about the Meet and Greet, the grip and grin, behind the smile of this natural politician, she was more than grim.

Two days before Easter
a A Nor’easter crossed
New England

Passion Perfect, well past prime, purchased for just pennies.

For NaPoWriMo April 14, 2016


Justin Strauss Boiler Room NYC LIVE Show



You Know You Want To Opine

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