She considered flirting a discipline to better evolve, mature, and evoke her capacity for spontaneity. Thus began her plan for this seduction.

Her deconstruction of Jacques ran page after page, all single spaced.

Her wardrobe a weapon designed to limit retreat and penetrate any redoubt Jacques may repair to. Her perfume pick to atomize polygonally. Her laugh choreographed to cavort at his timely witticism, and each utterance to his reply intoned as invitation.

Then she shredded those single spaced pages. Shipped the wardrobe to her sister. The perfume to her mother. Blue toothed with Hank Williams in the shower. Blushed her face. Struggled into torn jeans. Filled a flask to hip pocket, then ubered a lift to the park, to sit in the grass and watch Jacques play softball.


13 Replies to “Tinker Forever With Chance”

      1. When playing in high school, I looked for my girlfriend on occasion. You reminded me of a funny story. I was coaching little league many moons ago and one of the Dad’s was standing by the dugout, when he started staring at this very beautiful woman standing similarly beside the opposing team’s dugout. It was quite obvious, so I said a guy thing, “Are you looking at one I am?” And, he replied, “Yeah, it is my ex-wife.” Oops.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You weren’t slow on the get at all. It was rather abstruse, but I did remark to Susan, if any would get it, and say so, it would be Keith.

            Thanks Keith.


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