45 Revolutions Per Minute In Three Parts

Like Buddy Holly,
democracy too,
could die in
Iowa,In the cold
And in the snowYou know…
A caucus
picked at
by the likes
of a Congressman


DAVE DAVE, Shall I Play Taps?

I told Jimmy
who owed the Wrigleyville
Tap—the one next
to, the still standing,
Smart Bar—
to put “A Bicycle Built
For Two” on that
analogue Juke Box
I touted
as Hal-circa 1991


Second Set

Date three
with Susan
went sideways
as I spilled the beans
and remarked how well
she filled those jeans
as the canary fronting
the Alt. Rock Band
slammed that tambourine
against her thigh


You Know You Want To Opine

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