Knowledge Is Always Being Born… But

after eons of hunt and gather
prey and pray, swords and plough shares,
plug and play

we Ivy Tower, then Big Box
or more likely,
5 and dime our human store
of collective knowledge

bought in bulk to retail piecemeal
the art of the deal real feel
rent seeks to wage low
the in the know sense of self
and seeking sake

But wait, in the wake of all the above…
What about wisdom? The wise, the sage, the seasoned, the sagacious.
The opposite of the old fool. What say you?

The planet buries the majority of it’s wisdom, each and everyday.
Poem nine for NaPoWriMo 15



To some the poem might read as generational rah-rah, but if so, it’s a no caps cheer, as I’m currently reading a book about epistemology  that I first noticed in this article, which is a long but interesting read.


“Gullibility, carelessness and closed-mindedness are examples of what the US philosopher Linda Zagzebski, in her book Virtues of the Mind (1996), has called ‘intellectual vices’. Others include negligence, idleness, rigidity, obtuseness, prejudice, lack of thoroughness, and insensitivity to detail. Intellectual character traits are habits or styles of thinking. To describe Oliver as gullible or careless is to say something about his intellectual style or mind-set – for example, about how he goes about trying to find out things about events such as 9/11. Intellectual character traits that aid effective and responsible enquiry are intellectual virtues, whereas intellectual vices are intellectual character traits that impede effective and responsible inquiry. Humility, caution and carefulness are among the intellectual virtues Oliver plainly lacks, and that is why his attempts to get to the bottom of 9/11 are so flawed.”

Read More here


You Know You Want To Opine

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