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Clarence just sits there, is he thinking, you think
Clarence just sits there, countersinking bethink
Clarence just sits there, hoodwinking the chink
in our overly talkative armor

Clarence so quiet, does it matter, it may
Clarence so quiet, no chatter, no way
Clarence so quiet, no sadder cliche
than an overly sensitive benchmark

Clarence so muted, no question, you bet
Clarence so muted, no suggestion to let
Clarence so muted, no congestion, no threat
to traffic in any exchange

Clarence was courted, by men, by on high
Clarence was courted, but then, my oh my
Clarence was courted, but then, on the sly
retired from life by appointment


Over six hours of  SCOTUS talk on health care and not one word.


You Know You Want To Opine

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