“But You Don’t Speak Spanish,” she said.

“Date Two”

Before after dinner coffee between Tecate and Tequila I would translate for Susan
the Spanish songs playing

I told her;

Unlike the menu this music is more mix-tape… a mistake to parse
verse or individual song

and the lyrics suggest a libretto that goes on forever, could take weeks,
months, even years Susan…to truly appreciate


You Know You Want To Opine

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The Hand We’re Dealt

in arguing to license logic to best serve our/My end game I again refrain… that there are no good options… only optimally sane solutions

Plain Plan

grace is practiced punctuality resonant within rhyme of caprice in the ad hoc release of that damned tick-tocked takeaway of this mortal coil grace is ...........


my creative flow is just below a buckle of good intentions starts gung-ho that creative flow peters out in soft circumventions my ruminative woe trumps ...........