But What About The After Party

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This wreath is giving me much grief, and I’m charging these candles rent. And that goes for those freeloading chocolates, and these squatter cookies, and ubiquitous kisses in tinseled attire. And for that Angel perched, and reindeer hanging, and abstract snowflakes treed… I’m gonna bust their asses with a mini-bar tab that will max out their AmEx for a year.

And while we’re in that partying  mode…let’s look ahead:

Who shall populate the partisan party this year. Which breathing symbols, guests that signify, invitees that invoke, and best stoke the smoke of how the two sides view, and want you to perceive, The State Of The Union.

Can we vet you before we use you. Dissect before we display. Inspect the entirety of your person before presenting you to infer a message you are only meant to mannequin.

All that seems like a hard sell…And so would mentioning Mandarins, in this knock off, but there you have it.

PS: the usage of infer/imply is tricky here.


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