How Grand?

Wearing your tactics
on your (brown?) sleeve
but bare ass naked
your intolerant slip
is showing
and renting,
your relish
for Old Testament
a loud guttural
collective aye
for an eye for an eye
baiting the shy
conscience of
to lock step
with you

How quick
we can
trot out
that old
goose step
at any new
Victory Party

Poem 5 for April 5, 14


So the fearless leader of the Firefox browser contributed a 1000 bucks (hence the title) to California’s Prop 8, some years ago, and so, many on the pro gay marriage left, says he’s a no go to run Mozilla’s big show. Say it ain’t so. Because to me this reeks of some rabid right wing false flag. Why not accept that he’s seen the light, invite him into the fold, while going all Ronald Reagan on his ass: trust and verify. Win…WIN!.  If we later learn Brendan Eich has the moral compass, of say, the bigots of Westboro Baptist Church, you can always change direction and hold open that exit door.

I was against a political push for gay marriage in the mid-nineties and early aughts because I felt the country wasn’t ready and moving too quick would result in a rush of rash reactionary Republicans overwhelming Washington and down ticket state offices.

Damn, read history. If FDR had pushed the american people too quick to do battle in the “good war,” any subsequent debate regarding gay rights and gender equality… (right)… would be charged with a German accent.

Try the book “Fear Itself “ to better appreciate the necessary burden of real world political leadership and the constraints “one’s own time” imposes.

Yes, the above Eye Rhyme is hyperbolic. Purposely so. The Left is winning the culture war. Now learn to invite all to the celebration.




You Know You Want To Opine

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