Flash Fiction

Indirect Lighting

Her “Lake Effect Snow Suite For Ukulele” sold well enough…for science fiction. At lunch her agent suggested a course correction. She agreed, calling back their waitperson, swapping and just on time, her Amish chicken for a polish sausage with Amber Ale Honey Mustard.

Three hours of lampshade and shoe shopping later she was having some serious sausage regrets. Leaving Lake Shore Drive, she turned on to Montrose, pulled into a strip mall, and parked in front of a convenience store hoping for quick over the counter relief. She walked into a robbery in progress and was murdered  unaware. She was the first of nineteen people to die during the incident.

Some suggested she was the catalyst. Her agent did. Her agent’s chronicle of the robbery-hostage situation-turned massacre, won a Pulitzer, had Hollywood producers bidding, and led to a long and lucrative “True Crime” career.

The agent and that lampshade…both shameless.

Published by r.douglas

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