Weren’t No Conservatives at That Damn Seance

It was not my intent to go so political while going all poesy this April. But when I read a poll that proffered that damn near forty percent of self-described Republicans think/feel that the current POTUS is, or may be, the Anti-Christ, I felt the need to pout and poem and take a few pot shots. Here’s the knock-off. And a knock off, it truly be.

Weren’t No Conservatives at That Damn Seance

Attention Shoppers:

The Devil has left the details
and now resides in The White House
preach Fox News-infused enthusiasts,
bitter backward Revanchists all

whose callow reading of history begins
with Revelations and ends before Buckley’s,
“God And Man At Yale.”

and they pimp the Holy Ghost that rolled
the rock away while denying the veracity of
his Sermon On The Mount

and they claim liberty a product with a use
by date to hawk the hate that fills those
back orders of harken back

and they shit-kick and nit-pit and pepper:
that they are the salt of the earth
a world view seasoned solely
by an opportunistic roar
of parochial palaver

and they huckster and they hustle and they grift
fearing most what they claim to most want:
sometimes the cure is worse than the disease
this damn democracy


Day four NaPoWriMo April 2013


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