Episodically I drank where it’s rumored Mamet wrote.. a real bar….spared gentrification for a couple of years cause it occupied the bottom of 20 plus floors. You need real guts to gut that real estate. I won six hundred dollars at that bar one night… Long ,impromptu, and inebriated odds -on a televised pugilistic event. To my surprise I was paid half as the winner’s hand was raised and the balance the following day.

Next to the bar was a 24 hour spoon where, as the squares slept, pimps broke bread with pros, chippies, and mundane demimondaine. I was twenty -four and off the grid. I was high rise shackin’ with Ms. Sorbonne. She was thirty plus. She schooled me. Lessons for the autodidact. Seven years. I taught her odds. I taught her tells. I taught her well. I never saw it comin’ until I saw them comin’.


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