Garden Party Over, Yet Again

I’m up
for some sin
and something
something delicate
and a bit decadent
like a designer
cupcake in six
inch heels or
thigh high leather

Eyes peeled
to perfect prism
I spy a
serious celebrant
of Autumn
and better yet-
she’s on parade-
with a curiously
animated understanding
of the Fall

a seasonal repost

11 Replies to “Garden Party Over,”

  1. Some really juicy alliteration here, but it’s those simalies that’ll have me grinning all day today! Got to go find me some cinnamon-dusted double D cupcakes now! :)


    1. Hey thanks, I needed some envy… just funnin’ …but like that clever language salute…and SNZ says howdy …she be my indian summer… autumn nocturne


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