The distant drummer
plays chop sticks
slick to skin
the carriage trade

Made Men
muscle hustle
tenni-pump tech
and ghetto chic
to price peak
the one


Let’s be fair. Watch here.

3 Replies to “Lay Away”

  1. His shoes are always too ugly, too expensive, & far too hyped. Your depiction of the ever-so overly commercialized race to “be like” Bron is priceless & your analysis of the analyses regarding the shoe is spot-on.


  2. Glad you addressed this. $300 for a pair of tennis shoes? Women’s dress shoe prices — really?? Doin’ it for the fans, huh? The little folk. The kids who play B-Ball on concrete with rims, no nets. How long will it take one of them to put enough green away for a pair? How long after that does that young man get cut during the theft of sneakers dear? The same thinking went into HOW LaBron left Cleveland (let alone that he left in the lurch all the love from his home town). All about him. Turning his back on, while on the backs of, others. Way to go, Role Model.

    Take a lesson from Rose.


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