The GOP doesn’t hate, they loathe. Hate has a semi-rational underpinning. An everyday kind of middle-finger flip off. Pissed at traffic. The volume of a commercial. The dryer at the laundry mat that eats your quarters. Your dry cleaner pops a button. A rookie bartender on the pour. Rain rain…go away.

I hate all that.

And due to the popularization of the appellation “HATER”, common place misdemeanors of mix and mingle and what semi-matters becomes an all of the time, dead or alive, wanted poster, for each perceived and passing trespass.

To Hate has become a cultural itch. A hard to reach scratch. No blood, no foul.

To loathe is visceral. A blood boiling, blood-letting, blood sport of signifying and sharing a bloodline of bold misinformation, headlines and imagined grievances .

Thanks GOP … Now Smile

This post is so much bull-shit …truth let tested ..except for the music .

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