Strip Dance

Not your Father’s Hokey Pokey
Not your Mama’s Dosey Doe
Here’s some swell new moves
That only the cool kids know

Wow! —You’re most likely thinking. How can this be?



a jitter bug of jurist prudence
with a goose-step of courtly show
add Supreme backward tempo
in typical five/four flow

How about a quick lesson.


Remove your clothes.
Take all off.

Now you’re feeling it. Don’t fight the rhythm.

First Move:


Second Move:


Not bad. Easy as citizenship, and good enough for gov’mint work.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how you, too, can participate in the latest dance craze now sweeping the nation.

O.K., Bunkie, I’ll read you into the program. All you have to do is:

walk your dog without a leash
be late in paying a civil fine
don’t buckle your seat belt
right turn without a signal
left turn without a signal
participate in a peaceful protest
drive with an inoperable headlight
or a noisy muffer
and my personal favorite—riding a bicycle without an audible bell.

Well, there you have it.
Hope you had fun.
Expect to see you all at the dance, real soon.


Poem three for April


You Know You Want To Opine

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