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drs100I’ve been on and off-line since the days of DOS based Bulletin Boards. A long time.

Now the web is feeling a bit old sweater. Tug and comfortable, yet frayed beyond even Saturday wear. It’s lost it’s edge. Then again, so have I.

I’m a sixty year old guy living in a two baseball team town. A hillbilly by accident of birth, and an autodidact by circumstance, and, what the hell…choice– I’m interested in the rise of tribal narrative, and the fall of the individual’s appreciation for poetry, politics, and popular music.

I would liked to have lived in the day of the “EXTRA.” And “read all about” is just what I would have done. How sweet, the old film montage of spinning front pages and out-sized fonts, and all those scruffy dead-end kid hawkers. How cool to cop the ink-stained recent, throw a nickel on the counter for a cup of Joe, and peruse the latest symptoms of the human condition through the lazy smoke of a Lucky Strike.

Anyway, I– a sloppy writer, full of dots and dashes, and sans a grammatical bone in my hunt and peck fingers, rely repeatedly on Snz to cull and crisp, and stop my alliterations.

And when I’m not hitting the bottle, I’m penciling the first line or paragraph about something or someone who has somehow riddled through the hangover.

As sporadic as it’s sure to be eclectic, any, and if any, new content will be a mash-up of tweets, status up-dates, and cut and paste tidbits and nonsense from my other post and on-line ego boosting.

As my DNA, past, and wont would dictate, the aim of this blog is to break all the “best practices” of blog posting.

“Content with out context.” No steady as she goes. No update time frame, or obligatory thanks for the obligatory comment.


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