Time To Return To A “Political Economy”


Calling The presumptive 45th Chief Magistrate a man/boy is “43” league ad hominem, and pissing match pushback. More snark reactionary than a reasoned resistance which takes issue with the particulars of his noticeable lack of even nominal governing skills and public administrative acumen.

If he wants to play the populist then attack him from the Right of his Plutocratic inclination and ask what his dollar a year billionaire cabinet brings to the now anachronistic, but soon to be, hopefully, revised notion of a national and Federal “political economy.”

Haven’t we had enough of political discussions concerning wealth and income inequality always stopping at Wall Street’s edge?

1916948_100104356671975_4347985_nAnd isn’t it enough that free market theory often can’t find it’s ass with that invisible hand, while the play of who really profits and why,  is treated as but a ghost in the machine. Just a democratic peoples’ campfire fable told to haunt and spook the one percents’ counting houses. That old trophy wives tale, they do so testify, in Hedge Fund Connecticut.

So howdy there, Chief Magistrate, and just what does MAGA really stand for? Is it a top hat and tails swell continuance of free market trickle down resulting in the furtherance of a peoples “political economy” consisting of but peanuts for the peasants.

Or do you intend to tame that backward and lockstep elephant herd of ideological austerity, and finally do work that helps all Americans receive a fair share for their participation and industry in our hand-me-down but still viable Capitalist Circus.

Remember Mr. Chief Magistrate To Be. In but days you’ll be the Ring Master of it all. From sea to shining sea. And working without a net. I’d choose egalitarian over fearless leader if I were you. As the former is apt to produce some folks who just might try to break your fall.

And fall you will. You politician you.