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Too Hot For Baseball.

It’s angry hot, here in Chicago. Even by the lake. But wait, just months ago it was cruel cool, like forty below, and snow after snow rerouted the roads, and … Keep Reading

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And just who is to vet the next SCOTUS nominee. Those folks at Justice (FBI) that POTUS claims are corrupt, biased,  and incompetent. Reason enough for Dems to whoa this … Keep Reading

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NO sweat, this deliquesce as this summer Sunday evaporates the ice in my rocks glass, weeps. For me? my thirst overleveraged a drought in arrears, and as for a pity … Keep Reading


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Mouth Wedge

The golf hustler ghosted during the high heat of 83. His fiancé, having handed over some folding money, moved me to reconnoiter those beach front dives that divot the boardwalk … Keep Reading

Bad Poems By r.douglas

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Bridging The Gulf

For Snz: ….Her six words… jetpack, crooner, shapeshift, biscuit, chalet, sly Bridging The Gulf It was a jetpack junket nothing sly about a G-5 a special interest shapeshift of a … Keep Reading

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Exemplar With A Due Date

I’ve out-sourced the well being of my immortal soul to a Bible inerrant in Biloxi She Church goes Bible Studies beseeches petitions hand- wrings Psalm sings refrains from vice dice … Keep Reading

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I want to write a serious farce, not a farce seriously. I’m looking to have fun saying something interesting with misdirection and subtext..whatever the hell that really is. The wad … Keep Reading

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