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More Mouse Droppings

Sans cigarettes I can’t compose. As if my hacking away resembles in any part a composition. And while withdrawal will continue, my remarking on the… Keep Reading


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The Canary’s Lullaby.

For two years, thereabouts, she fronted the Christian rock band, “Holy Hocus Pocus.” Then, she simply disappeared. After a sabbatical in Seattle, she claimed, she… Keep Reading


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Fatal Flex

Late autumn plays the angles To corner the market of dining room pocket litter- A hard wiring of ninety – degrees a must to wet… Keep Reading

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Armando’s six words for me to show my poeming idiocy. Disposition; shield; bruise; sustenance; Monday; electoral Escutcheon My dust to dust mid-Monday disposition is more… Keep Reading

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my bones have become brittle as my mind has become bitter but I’m learning to finger pick that tiny violin A strangely dexterous demise without… Keep Reading

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