Kismet Kiss Off

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While I pissed and moaned about the weather in the previous post, the following whine is witness to an epiphany, not a dog whistle for sympathy. So stow your solicitude, but I do wonder if a few might nod, in empathetic, been there, done that and oh what a relief it proved to be…affirmation. I’ve […]

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More Dot.Net Sundry


Welcome to weather the mid-western metropolis way. Last week the artificial heat. This week the need for manufactured cool and dehumidified air. Spring in Chicago by the lake. From factoring windchill to wearing a whittled starched shirt within the whole of a week, immobilizes me. Such season shifting switch throwing suddenness angers and allows me […]

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A Soft Reopening Of 1xPad.


For two decades I’ve been posting on the internet. I’ve written poetry, linked music, shared pet pictures, anniversaries, comments, podcast, snapshots, baseball boxscores, NFL odds, election polls, personal victories and defeats, fictions, finance, history, eye candy, culture, politics, and push back against the toolmakers, platform providers, and gatekeepers who bundle and barter all the necessities […]

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