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The tobacco has regained its hold. Truth told, I now only blow smoke in God’s great outdoors. But that bores, as I perch on the front porch and pass time … Keep Reading

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More Mouse Droppings

Sans cigarettes I can’t compose. As if my hacking away resembles in any part a composition. And while withdrawal will continue, my remarking on the abstention should be absent any … Keep Reading

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Poetry By Women

The Cubs were on the radio, game tied in the fifth. Shiloh lay in late afternoon shade, steadily working a bone. There was a lake breeze, cool and constant. Maybe … Keep Reading

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Recently, for some reason, I’ve been flirty with a daydream. The reverie begins with me trying to remember the names and location of all the foster homes in which I … Keep Reading

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who shakes the rattle

the shallow end of our grievance pool stokes the backstroke, floats the prattle- of the bespoke fool who shakes the rattle at a brood stock high and low with the … Keep Reading

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Holy Baksheesh Batman

Would someone advise the head of state to muscle up a muted moment A quiet minute- one singular Silent Night Strong that would be, a showing of spirited strength seasonally … Keep Reading

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