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y interests are politics and culture. But my “jones” is posting bad poems. Eye rhymes, doggerel, some woof tickets, and the high heat of cold conjecture. And April is the month to do just that. A poem a day for the duration.

So, to better brag my NaPoWriMo effort, or lack thereof, I’m tweaking this site to clue where I am in the process, while allowing my know nothing take on the current of the day to stay afloat in the coming tide.

Good Luck to all, so inclined.




The neighborhood
Holy Roller
refers to me
as the 7-10
Heathen humor
he assures me
“And take the
pamphlet” he insists,
“I’ve got a spare.

Doug Does


bland blister

in the current, is not
necessarily, in the know
nor does a nod connote
understanding, necessarily…

the present being the rub…
each instant chafes… necessarily,
and for the most part, a bland blister…
the knead of the daily bred

Does Doug

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