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    You Try To Parse Paris

    Of course the t-shirt follows the blood spill, with the impromptu flowered memorials, and world landmarks are quick to beam a signature of solidarity in the tricolors. And grief for the dead innocents can’t find a valid voice of grievance as [Read More]
  • darkbeach

    Chuck Todd Et Al

    This Republic is for rummies. A Democracy for drunks. The best place to watch its political debates is via a dive bar’s plasma, the volume muted, an instant and best guess closed caption scrolling to an accompanying esoteric analogue juke box. [Read More]
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    Boo Who?

    Sunday After Fun-day  So all dressed up and nowhere to go. And a all that after going minimal on the bourbon last night; to better mimosa this morning at a brunch with dog pack buddies. But alas, dreams of biscuits and gravy kaput, as the [Read More]



This Website

drs100is a sandbox.
A test post. A editing position to better prepare content before placing articles elsewhere.
I struggle with writing, and war with re-writing, but it seems posting live brings better focus to rethinking, revision, and editing. So that’s the gist.

A blue-pencil post, if you will.
Comments are closed. But there is a contact page.

Tall Tales

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    There be Flash Fiction Here Some Where

    January 1, 2013 // 0 Comments

    This luncheonette is without Wi-Fi, but the Blue Plate Special featured an exquisite “Vegetable Medley” …more than just compensation, don’t you [Read More]
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    Zoning the Deuteranopic Disco

    October 25, 2015 // 0 Comments

    “From what I know about this proposal, golfers may just have to learn to dance,” was the Hampton quote that ginned the local interest. MS. A. Albright Hampton was the [Read More]


Who Knows

  • poembone117

    Pounding Bourbon By The Pond

    August 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

    I’ve got a beef with late summer sunsets. Especially Sunday’s. Late summer sunsets don’t like to give up the ghost. Akin to the party host who won’t [Read More]


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  • Actresses Carrying Flag on Beach