I Was Not A Blogger Then, And I Won’t Be A Content Management System Now.

My comment on a blog   post I read just this very morning follows:

Given that “blog” is a bastardization of the coined tech term “Weblog” and overall ugly in it’s noun/verb interchangeability, is it any wonder most see it as a temporary and silly undertaking.

Blog” lacks a purposeful pretension, which is why, I’d wager, the option to “Portfolio” one’s post was soon scripted to toggle. “I have a Portfolio of Poems,” as opposed to a blog of rhymes… is telling in the introduction.. irrespective of the quality of the volume proffered…don’t ya think?

But Portfolio is still the stuttering stepchild trying to find voice and purchase in on-line presentations, excepting Brooklyn based and bearded-bun wearing template developers. Just fun’in, sorta.

Now me. I’m thinking of posting on/in an “An Open And Ongoing Archive Of Correspondency… Or, The Lack Thereof.”

Anyway, I’m with you. If one is not being taken seriously in a serious undertaking, then a rant is a righteous endeavor. And you made your “not a hobby” case. Well done.

Hang in there and,

Again the Post that prompted all this… here.

breakfastnewAs I was reading the aforementioned rant and fashioning the above reply, I was awaiting the update of a store bought template to better populate, with content,  a self hosted  Web based platform posting position; using The WordPress  Content Management System.

That template, known here colloquially as a theme,is but code to make easier the manipulation of the backend properties and particulars of a CMS (Content Management System) to better front end display creative efforts to inform, rant, enlighten, entertain, conduct business or facilitate other forms of exchange with visitors, on a specific URI or URL, via the internet.

If you think about it, that’s some serious play. And there is nothing shorthand about it. And while we all have our own way of enjoining the game, for me, blogger… is not one of them.

The Blogger, akin to that not long ago ubiquitous Webmaster, is like so much bit and byte coinage, the viral chump change of gold rush creativity and boom town make do, that any meaning is made myth when just yesterday’s be all is today’s definitional ghost town.

The poltergeist always a pejorative, like that blogger, always throwing stuff up and around and damn it …top down. A blog, is at best, a simple system to organize content produced and provided by writers, photographers, music makers, aunts, and auctioneers. Many use a blogging platform, but they, are not the damn platform.

And no, for future reference, I’m not a CMS. No content management system, me. At least, not on Monday.