Wit Of The Stairs 17

Just a few days left to blog the blog on this here “premium” WordPress Blog. For I’m suddenly too old to tally daily so will “post” to a passworded archive sans a “community” nor jet packed READER. And whatever.

Esprit de l’escalier For October 3 2015

I haven’t written a bad poem in weeks. Nor a good one. Ebb and flow, you know. And the day seems to end shortly after lunch. And it’s ink dark before even a hint of evening appetite. It all makes the cocktail hour murky. Which leads to supplemental consumption and mild depression before dessert. And bad poems approximate a sugar buzz.

“So back to that Ramesh fellow, who agrees with you in the main, but was sure to include a little Straussian between the lines.”

….I enjoin with a rapid retreat to cliché and suggest we’re comparing pomegranates and platitudes. As you would manage a Red State roadhouse differently than a big city Johnnie Walker Blue “ bottle service’ joint, the financing of governance differs with type.

A supposed ”one man/one vote democracy“ will demand a different revenue stream than a limited player top down Republic, or a fix is in Oligarchy.

But I’m too glib. I’ll let this guy,Ramesh Ponnuru, you’re familiar with him.. right, have a go.

!!!!4”The Tax Foundation has calculated the percentage of filers in each state who pay income tax. The ten states with the highest number of non-payers are a strongly Republican bunch: Eight of them went for John McCain in 2008, and nine of them have Republican governors. Keith Hennessey, an economic adviser in George W. Bush’s administration, notes that the historical data suggest that the child credit was the main reason for the increase in the number of non-payers between 1995 and 2007.“

Conservatives were strongly in favor of that child tax credit, agree.

Now, that doesn’t answer your question, but it might suggest we re-think it. We don’t have the same type of government we had at the founding of the nation. We don’t have the same type of governance we had thirty years ago, when the Laffer Curve and Supply Side became the District currency and the middle class began to collapse. When the real ”Wealth Redistribution“ you argue so rightly about, actually took place. You deny the numbers. Even Ronnie saw it happening and raised taxes numerous times.

As a left of center idiot, I’m for the lowest practical tax rate for each citizen regardless of station.

So back to that Ramesh fellow, who agrees with you in the main, but was sure to include a little Straussian between the lines.

”Changed circumstances may demand a different approach than that of three decades ago. They do not compel conservatism to become a creed openly focused on helping one group at the expense of another, a kind of mirror image of egalitarian liberalism.“

Up with Chemistry 

We didn’t court
and spark
as much as
carbon date

It’s chemical
you cautioned:
in tie-dyed

Science as
an inhibitor?
I countered-
as gravity
the question

angel’s share 

I have written
give ‘em enough trope
aimed my ink
with a sniperscope
damn careful
not to interlope
nor forget
the angel’s share

having noted
I once lived in exile
made current
those memories erstwhile
with some bitter prose
to reconcile
and reimburse
the angel’s share

writing rewards
fictions of recompense
while talents
a tally of consequence
a perspired desire
left to condense
and provide
the angel’s share

Angels’ share is a term for the portion (share) of a wine or distilled spirit’s volume that is lost to evaporation during aging in oak barrels.